When You Have A Teenager, The Fridge Is Always Empty

cannabis-destiny-munchies-600x342If you are a parent, you know that the parenthood is the best things in a world and that it’s a true blessing. But let’s face it, the teenagers can be pretty annoying, especially when it comes to food. Most of the time they’re hungry and they eat everything that they get their hands on. But that’s only if you are lucky, a lot of them are constantly complaining how the food in the fridge is nothing but a garbage.

That only means that you’ll have to go shopping very often unless you want to be yelled at and listen how bad of a parent you are. And when you’re finally home after tiring shopping and you have put all of the groceries in the fridge, you think that you’re done. But not for long, another thing that the teenager are famous for is that they eat very fast. So, after a few hours, you’ll notice again how there’s nothing in the fridge. All that means is that they’ll start to complain once again.

In case that they just can’t empty the whole fridge alone by them self, they’re probably going to call their friends for a back-up. And when they do that, before you realize what happened, your house will be full of the teenagers who will make you go shopping once again. So, if you want to have any food remaining, your black chest freezer will have to be locked.

The worst thing about that is the kind of food they’re eating. The everyday diet of a teenager is based on junk food, which almost doesn’t do anything useful for them. The only thing that they get by eating fast food is a useless fat and later, when things get more serious, it can lead to heart diseases.

When they get overweight, they start to use unhealthy ways of losing weight. Most of them start to skip meals and after some time, they become anorexic. Or in the “best case” scenario, in order to regain their old weight, they start to smoke or vomiting on purpose.

The food isn’t the only problem you’ll have to face as a parent of the teenagers. It might seem that the things will get easier as they’re getting older, but that’s not true at all. When they start going out, you’ll be spending sleepless nights thinking are they safe and when will they come back home.

But, of course, there are also a plenty of times when you’ll be happy that you have kids and when you’ll be as proud of them as one parent can be. In those moments, you’ll realise how everything that you had to deal with is worth it.

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