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Bailing Your Child Out: Why Enabling a Child is Bad

Posted by in Dumb Parenting | 1 comment
Bailing Your Child Out: Why Enabling a Child is Bad

Jimmy The School Janitor is a regular featured author for ScottCounseling.  Jimmy provides his perspective on what he sees to be the real problem with children today… ”dumb parenting!”

My Child Forgets His School Books All The Time!

How a Dumb Parent Responds

I can’t believe how many parents I see come into my school on a daily basis bringing their child’s forgotten “stuff:” their books, gym clothes, projects, lunch, and more!  Why do you dumb parents do that? Don’t you understand that you are just enabling your child to continue his or her inappropriate behavior? 

I watched a dad walk into school today, angry, frustrated and wanting to strangle someone.  He yelled at the school secretary…

“I don’t know why I do this. I leave work just to bring my child her gym clothes. Can’t the school do something about my child forgetting her stuff all the time?”

Hey Boozo!  It’s you, the dumb parent that causes this problem! Stop bringing your child’s stuff to her.  Let her fail, lose points, take the hit or yes, even feel a little bad for forgetting her own stuff.  Why do you parents bail your child out?

Here’s What Smart Parents Do

Smart parents share with their child that they will no longer bring their forgotten stuff to school.  JUST SAY “NO” TO YOUR CHILD.  Your child will not die.  Your child will learn to become more responsible. Smart parents do not do for their child what the child can do for themself.  This teaches the child responsibility and allows your child to become independent. Isn’t that what you want?  In turn, this independence allows your child to feel good about himself.

Good grief!  If you are going to bring your child’s forgotten stuff to school for them, at least charge them a delivery fee of your hourly wage that you are being paid (or not being paid) from your work.  And speaking of work…why are’nt you there? Tell your child you are letting the company you work for (even if you are a stay at home parent) down because you have to baby him.

Stop bringing your child’s stuff to school for them!!!

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