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Depression in Teens & Middle School Students: 10 Symptoms & Suicide Warnings

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It’s important that we let our  teens and middle school children know that feelings of sadness, loneliness and general depression are common to most human-being sometime in our life time.  It is also important to know where the depression line begins and when it’s time to get your hurting child professional medical attention.

Left untreated, many forms of depression may worsen and last for years.  It’s true that an individual left untreated may begin a downward spiral of what seems to be unending sadness, lack of energy and hopelessness.  Depression is treatable.  Keeping your teen or middle school child from treatment may lead your child to suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

10 Teen Symptoms of Depression

  1. Feelings of hopelessness
  2. Difficulty in concentration
  3. Insomnia, or lack of sleep
  4. Feelings of guilt
  5. Irritablity and restlessness
  6. Overeating, or a loss of appetite
  7. Persistent and on-going sadness
  8. Loss of interest in activities, school, sports and friends
  9. Decrease of energy and fatique
  10. Suicidal thoughts…”I wish I was dead.”

If your child is exhibiting several of these tendencies, have shared with you suicidal thoughts, writings or plans to end their life, seek medical attention immediately.

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