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Ending Family Holiday Conflicts

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For many, the holidays may be an uncomfortable time to gather with family members.  Old or new conflicts that are unresolved between brothers and sisters (or other family members) may make it unbearable for some.  This article will focus on some helpful hint to end holiday family feuds by implementing the following conflict resolution strategies.

Forgive and Move On: This strategy may involve the bigger person to take the first necessary step to end the feud by saying, “I am sorry.” It’s healthy to forgive. It’s wise to realize that family in-fighting often takes the joy out of a holiday celebration. So, be the adult and forgive whoever you are inconflict with by renewing a positive feeling toward that person.

Time to Talk: Before you meet for the holiday gathering, set up a time to meet with the person you are in conflict with and listen…then talk and discuss what you both want.  Negotiate and compromise may be an important step in your discussion. Apologizes may be necessary.  Be patient and friendly during the discussion. Again, be the bigger peron; the person who places pease before conflict.

Being Right May Make It Wrong: Most conflicts continue because both parties want to be right.  Be prepared to take some of the blame. In fact, claim your own “blame” right away. If your goal is to be right all the time, the conflict will most likely continue.

Be Patient: You may have to meet with the person that you are feuding with several times. Be patient, be kind and above all, be willing to “make it work.”

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