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Is My Child Becoming A Serial Killer?

Posted by in Uncategorized | 36 comments

shadowWith the release of weekly news across America of the increase of domestic violence, abuse and murder, more parents are beginning to ask this question: “Could I be raising a future criminal?”  Parents need to become aware of the clues that their child is beginning to display the profile of a potentially dangerous predator or serial killer.

For the most violent of criminals, there are warning signs that often start in childhood.  Parents who come from a family history of mental health issues, violence, abuse and drug abuse need to be extra cautious.

The list below presents the most common traits serial killers have exhibited over history.

  • Over 90 percent of serial killers are male.
  • Serial killers hate their parents.
  • Serial Killers tend to be intelligent, high IQ’s and  “street smart.”
  • Serial killers tend to come from unstable or dysfunctional families.
  • Serial killers usually come from single parent homes, abandoned by the father and raised by an aggressive mother.
  • A serial killer’s family often has a history criminal, psychiatric and drug-abusing legacy.
  • Serial killers have a history of doing poorly in school. They have trouble keeping a job and often work as unskilled laborers.
  • Many serial killers were abused as children.  This abuse included, physically, sexual and emotional abuse.  Often this abuse has come at the hands of another family member.
  • While growing up, many serial killers spent time in mental health facilities as and have records of early psychological problems.
  • Serial killers often began their practice by tormenting small creatures or animals.
  • Serial killers have high rates of attempted suicide.
  • From an early age, many serial killers have shown an interest in pornography.  This interest was often intensely and often included sadomasochistic pornography.
  • More than 60 percent of serial killers are bedwetters- beyond the age of 12.
  • Many serial killers are obsessed with fire starting tactics and pyromaniac techniques.

If your child is displaying anyone of these characteristics, contact a Parenting Counselor.

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  • susan says:

    my son is 5 and most people dont belive me when i tell them his first words were mama, dada, baba,and then HOT… he is so obsessed with fire that it is really worring me.i dont belive it is a phase because like i said he is five now and showing so signs of slowing my son ok ?

    • Lissie says:

      YES! My little brother’s third word was “hot”. It’s just a child’s natural interest in the world around them. Kids quickly learn that hot things will burn them, and it will hurt. I think it’s a very good sign that your child is so interested in his enviroment. Just because your kid likes fire doesn’t mean he’s a pyromaniac and ESPECIALLY not a serial killer. If I can give you any advice, it would be to keep an eye on his interests with fire and make sure he understands its danger.

      I would also like to point out, that while many serial killers report having an absent father or an over-bearing mother, it a GROSS generalization to say that serial killers “hate” their parents. If your child is displaying signs of animosity towards you, it probably means you need to communicate better. But don’t let this generalization make you more concerned than you need to be. Remember: Seek and ye shall find. Edmund Kemper, once of the most disturbing serial killers in history, was emotionally abused by his mother because she ASSUMED he was a bad child and a violent offender.

      Don’t set your kids up for failure.

      • mike jones says:

        I am a Male who comes from a criminal family and my dad was arrest when I was 9. My dad was very abusive. However I have learned that when my mother was off at work I started to do illegal things as drugs and causing problems to others. However when I turned 14 I was contacted by the sheriff officers for breaking the law. And the officer told me to join the sheriff explorer program, which has changed my life alot. Now I am a respectful young adult how now looks at ways to better my self and to help others. My point is that this web site only highlights negative things that a parent should have picked up and do something about it. I mean parents should focus more on how to better their kids and to see others in need of help and offer assistance. When parents see these signs, this shows that parents are not paying enough attention to their children. which is the main cause of the reason why these people go out and kill people. they just were not huge enough as a child. Hope fully parnets pay more attention.

  • Liily-Mae says:

    I’;m worried about my friend, she’s showing over half these signs.
    She’s confided in me that she imagine sstabbing her mother through the face with a pickaxe. She also mentioned that she hated all of her friends with a vengeance, this led me to believe, am I next?

    • Socie says:

      I show more than half of the signs, but I think I’m fine. I hate my parents, I thought about stabbing my parents too. I love fire. So does over half of the highschool kids, we like to watch things burn and we hate our parents.

  • Lianne says:

    I’m also worried about my best friend .She keeps having recurring nightmares about stabbing men in the neck with biro’s. This isn’t normal behaviour is it, should I turn her in?

  • Lea says:

    wow…really i think you should try to help your friend , but if it becomes very serious or dangerous you should try to get away from her :D

  • Lea says:

    it is better if you try to help her :P

  • Christina H. says:

    I’m only 14 but I have all of these except for two.I’ve gotten mad at my mother and grandmother and imagine evil things happening to them and I’m scared for myself.I do talk to myself in my head sometimes and I have problems talking to people.I love playing with fire and my mom had to hide the matches but I found them.I need help.

    • Teddy says:

      Serial killers wouldn’t recognize symptoms at age 14 and try to get help. Serial killers are born with brain chemical offsets, leading to ill behavior. Being 14 you are probably maturing which can lead too awkward thinking and behavior but will most likely stop once you get a little older and/or find a new interest, leaving the thought you could ever be a serial killer way in the past.

  • Socie says:

    I have all but one of the signs, I’m not male. People have bad thoughts, no one ever expresses them. People always talk to themself in thier head, thats just thought..If you feel you need help then your not a killer, if you think your fine..maybe like I think I am lol, no really, if you think your okay, your not. If you think all the signs seem very normal, as I do..then maybe your just paranoid and looking into this too much. seek real counseling, see what they say.

  • Linda says:

    I know this is inappropriate, but I find it rather amusing that over 90% of serial killers are male.

    I don’t know anyone who fits these criteria, thank God. But I hope that everyone who posted up a concern has their issue resolved.

  • Jan says:

    I have a friend whose eleven year old grandson is a time bomb waiting to go off and cause some serious damage.he throws fits, there is no discipline, he says he hates his life. The other day he got mad at his friend because he was winning all the games they were playing. he chased him into the yard and shot him in the back with a pellet gun. my firend did nothing discipline wise, she made him call and apologize, and that was it. he gets by wiht murder. i am worried about him his family and friends. He is bad behaved in school. I think he is dangerous. I don’t want to be around him anymore. I am 54 and have worked with children for 40 years.I have never seen such bazaar behavior in my life.This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you have any advice for me to help in the situation?

  • brygid says:

    i have 11 of these signs idk what to do im 14yrsold i love setting things on fire i was in mcdonals and i was in the back and i had a lighter on me and when i got done eating i lite a fire there haha it was fun and i watched it burn for a while im suprised someone didnt notice but it happened and i just walked out. ,low tolerence for mockery joy or fun in bringing others pain, previously still am suicidal dangerouse attitude (big time) bringing weapons to school or work( i feel safe and if i ever need to use it im covered) dysfonctional family single parent homes father left raised with aggressive mother(momhas a reallly aggresive history and gives it off) poorly school and emotionally abused. i hade to watch my mom get beat half of my 14 yrs of life so hey yea that shit causes damage and i was a huge outcast when i was younger. I wanna fix this i dont like the way i am or putting on an act eevry time im with ppl im always depressed. help me. :/

    • cookiebear says:

      your looking into this way to much. i got most of these sizngs too, a lot of people do. there is much more than that. its not like your killing cats and dogs for fun right? If you do then you should seek some help. i start fires for fun all the time. i like the fact i only have a fraction of control. as long as you don’t do it to harm other people, then you’d have a problem. my advice: your young, you need to settle down, do your school work and not worry about this unless it starts to harm others.

    • Caroline says:

      Just because you have 11 of these signs doesn’t mean you’re going to end up a serial killer. These aren’t solid facts, just common traits. Most people with the type of background you described don’t end up serial killers. And, you said you brought weapons to school to protect yourself, you didn’t say you brought it to harm people. A future serial killer would most likely bring weapons to school to cause fear or to hurt someone. You’re bringing it to school because you’ve had a rough past and you want to be able to protect yourself. There’s a big difference between wanting to hurt people and wanting to keep yourself safe! A lot of people your age like fire–I remember that I liked playing with lighters and matches at your age and I ended up fine! You mainly sound like you’re depressed due to your upbringing. From what you said, it doesn’t seem like you’re in danger of seriously harming or killing anyone. It would be a good idea, though, for you to talk to someone about your depression. I would also recommend that you ask your school counselor to help you find a professional to talk too about your depression. You don’t seem like you’re in any danger of seriously harming anyone. What happened in your past doesn’t have to control your present or future. I believe in you, and God believes in you. I’ll be praying.

  • Casey says:

    In my opinion, these are ridiculous generalizations. I meet all of the above criteria short of hating my parents(afterall, my main tormentor growing up was my sadistic older brother) and hurting animals. I’m not a serial killer. I was having this discussion with my friend who has these same experiences, and he is not a serial killer. Sure, occasionally when someone upsets me I have violent thoughts towards them, and sometimes I fantasize about striking back at people that hurt me, but I don’t act on them. I think its normal for people to think about hurting people that upset them, I think its abnormal to act on them.

    Christina, you’re a normal kid who is going through the roughest phase of human physical and emotional development. You’re confused, scared, frantic, angry, and having trouble fitting in. These things will pass. Find an outlet. Draw. Write. Play an instrument. Focus all that angst into something creative and you’ll do fine.

    Jan, seriously, report this to social services. You’ve been working with Kids for 40 years, you should know better. This is a parenting issue. No one is born with knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong. They have to be taught these things. This kid has not been taught, so he just acts out of instinct.

    Brygid- sounds like you know there’s a problem. Go to your school counselor. Go to them every day until someone listens. Don’t just anonymously cry out on the internet.

  • kay says:

    well this may make you feel better my son is 12 and he has all but one sign he is in special ed he is not smart. abused in foster care hates me humiliates his sisters andhas hurt his baby brother hates his life hurts animals male i mean he really has all but one. I know its just a matter of time before he kills me but i don’t know what to do. have him committed again? send him to therapy again? drug him up? idk I think what ever is gonna happen will happenno matter what i do.

  • Sam says:

    To those 14 year old kids thinking they are going to be serial killers because they have all the signs on this, not even certified, list are idiots. Seriously, I was sexually abused since I was four years old up to thirteen, and I’m fine. Got help, and that was it. It really pisses me off that people who actually have had things happen to them seem to get better, but the kids who mourn over their own feeling of self-loathe always are the ones who end up fucking their lives up. If you think you need help, get fucking help, and grow up. And learn how to spell. Life is hard, so try to make it better.

  • Dan says:

    I fit 4 and a half of these. I say half because I am raised by a single parent (mom) but I am not abused and I see my dad at least once a week. But I love fire, I never play with it (I’m not dumb) but I fantasize about it all the time, like making a bomb out of everyday objects and seeing how much damage it would cause. However, I know right from wrong and that is why I would never kill anyone, and I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever hurt an animal. I must admit the hunting/ stalking appeals to me but I would never do anything like it. BTW I am 19 years old.

  • Quinton says:

    I show every single sign except the
    Part about the job. Too bad I have

  • C says:

    FYI I also set a huge fire in my g-mas back yard. So I really do understand. Just listen to that voice that says “HEY! THIS IS A BAD IDEA!” I know that doesn’t seem very helpful but it’s listening to that small voice of reason that helps control that behavior.

    PS You might for the most part have to put up a facade. I still do. And I think most people do.
    Just get some counseling and hopefully things will work out. I hope that this helps in some way.

  • anon says:

    Wow… I have 10, maybe 11 of these signs. Is this even accurate?

  • Annemarie says:

    I have an adopted son who we adopted at age 9, heis now 13. We know the birth family, and know the awful history of abuse and neglect. My fear is that he exhibits odd and bizarre violent behaviors. When with a neurologist doing a neuro-psych evaluation, she told us that she has been with all kinds of kids, at all ages, for 30+ years and never felt uncomfortable, but being with our son made her uncomfortable. What made her uncomfortable was his pretned stabbing and shooting at her. IT sounds innoce nt,. but it made DOCROR feel uncomfortable. Since then, about a year ago, he continues to do this pretending killing. The odd thing is that EVERYONE he has done it to, or who have seen it, says it made them feel really creepy. An adult he did it to recently, stabbing him in the neck, just came to us (he knew nothing of Mike’;s history) and asked us to please keep him away from him as it really freaked him out. I wish I could adequately explain this, but it’s really weird. HE took a hammer to school with the intent of killing anyone who tuched anything of his, and because he is such a “good kid” (he never gets in trouble, is not defiant and is overly polite) they didn’t even tell us, even though they know he is in therapy. I cannot get anyone to see that this behavior is very concerning. He is obsessed with war and guns, to the point the teachers have had to demand he not bring those kinds of books to school. Yet they say they see nothing concerning! They see it, they do not recognize it. When he sees or reads anything with violent content, he becomes violent, but not loud or out there, but his little sister and our pets are at risk. If he sees anything sexual, he acts that out too, he has tried to get “familiar with his little sister several times. How do we get others, the “professionals’ to see the mental illness he has? We know it is only a matter of time before he kills someone. He is too obsessed with it. He talks about it all the time, not as himself doing anything,but killing and carnage. It’s more than a little creepy, but again, because he presents as such a nice kid, the seriousness of his behaviors is overlooked. Any help? Suggestions? Words we can use when trying to get others to hear us and take this concern seriously? I feel like no one will listen until there is an incident.

  • Kim says:

    I had all and I mean all of theses things growing up, I never tormented animals though I killed them, I drowned a budgie for biting me, chased dogs with knives so I guess I tormented them, I gave alcohol to ducklings to watch them die slowly and from age of 5 I had sexual tendencies and felt Horney and everything I also spent years trying to commt suicide and almost succeeded once. I admit it now I have and still do have urges to harm someone, but my kids have stopped me thinking that most of the time, Even if I get the urge to hurt, actually I want to kill someone that feeling subsides when I see my kids, they are my life and will never know of my past or anything because I want to be a better mum than what mine was. I would do anything for my kids would die for them. My world and my everything

  • Giselle says:

    Holy freakin’ heck… learn to spell and punctuate, you blisteringly stupid rednecks!!! Not a single person that’s posted to this thread who’s ‘concerned’ that they fit the profile is even remotely smart enough to pull-off the single thing that defines a serial killer: the ability to evade detection and/or capture for long enough to commit serial murder (ie. more than one, in-sequence).

    Give up the fantasy, ye braindead yokels, and go back to working your fry-cook jobs. Jeez.

  • Cindy says:

    I am just a 12 years old female student.And I have done all the things that list on top.I have always hate my mother and my stepfather.They have always care for my younger brother and my younger stepsister and don’t care anything that happen to me.When I score the first place in my class and become the champion in drawing contest,they don’t praise or give me reward.Even when I sick or what,they don’t bring me to the doctor or what.But if it was my brother and sister,they just take care of them.And I have alway doing animal experiment and fire experiment and others as well.And I also like to watch violent animes such as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.I’m starting to miss myself already,even when I know that things are wrong and danger,but I just can’t help myself to do it.What’s wrong with me,I’m afraid I would become a serial killer just like in the drama.I wish that someone can stop me from doing things like that,but no one,no one would do that to me,not even my family.

  • Jack says:

    I have been a serial killer for 23 years now and none of those charactistics apply to me.

  • kathleen says:

    this is not about me it’s about my best friend. she shows all of these symptoms except for the fire one and i just want to help her. she is only open to me and says i’m her only true friend so she tels me everything even disturbing things because she knows i won’t leave her by herself.

    anyway as i said she shows all of those symtoms except for the fire on, she has dreams about killing her family and people she hates (i’ve noticed shen she told me her dreams they’re all careful and don’t leave any trace evidence)

    i’ve witnessed her kill her cat (she didn’t see me) and then i acted like i didn’t notice anything she tod me straight out and she still had blood on herself (i was soo nausous) but i helped her clean up and her parents came home and she told them that we haven’t seen the cat all day.

    please reply i’m just trying to be a god friend.

  • "Evan" says:


    So I am not a parent, but I fear that I may become one. For one, I’ve NEVER been disturbed by murder, blood, gore, or anything of the kind. In fact, I’ve always enjoyed the sight of it. I’ve got severe depression, self-harm, and suicidal issues, and whenever I self-harm, I clean up by ingesting the blood. To me, it tastes like cranberries. I’m also autophagic (self-cannibalistic, but not severe) and I always tear chunks of my skin off and eat it, or I pick at my scalp and eat it. For some reason, I love the taste and I can’t break the habit. I’ve also bitten people, tore their skin, and ate it right in front of them without feeling uneasy or regretful. Ever since I was 5, I’ve always wondered what it would be like, and eventually began dreaming about being a serial killer. I’ve tried stabbing many people, and I enjoyed torturing them emotionally and physically. I also look up to notorious serial killers, and I think what they did was right. I need help, I don’t wanna become one…

  • Marie says:

    This is ridiculous, I have all of these except that I stopped wetting by bed when I was 8. I am not a killer and much less do I do it repeatedly.

  • Silencer. says:

    You’re all pussies, if you’re “sick” as stupid ass “normal” people call it, embrace it, that’s what i do. getting help is one of the worst things you can do, i sincerely regretted it. psychiatrists & shit don’t understand, they make you want to kill them right then & there.

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