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My Child Yells At Me!

Adolescent counseling agencies across the country are filling up with young children and teens who refuse to follow their parents directions and honor their requests.  More and more parents are contacting the police seeking assistance because their child is “out of control.”  Some parents report that they are even afraid of their children.

Out of control children, children who display anger, lie, steal from their parents and refuse to obey family rules are nothing new, but are being reported referred to counselors more often. New parenting methods and strategies must be learned and  implemented to effectively change an adolescents undesirable behavior.

One such program, The Total Transformation Program, was created to assist parents in talking with their child when the child is uncooperative and angry.  Backtalking is difficult to deal with.  A child who manipulates and lies can challenge the best parenting techniques know to man.   Here’s what The Total Transformation Program offers:

  1. The Total Transformation Program provides parents with easy listening DVD’s that explain a step by step process.  The program actually provideds you with the words to say and the actions to demonstrate in front of your child. 
  2. The Total Transformation provides  uncomplicated parenting guides, individual lessons and teaches the parent how to use proven parenting methods with your child that will lead to a positive change in behavior right away!
  3. Parents receive free follow-up emails and parenting articles from the makers of this program that continue to encourage and enhance parenting skills.

No other parenting program offers a money back guarantee and back up their program with on-going parent article support.  Try The Total Transformation program today.

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