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My Teen Is Late For School

Posted by in Discipline | Comments

Dear ScottCounseling:

My teen is lazy and will not get out of bed in the morning and go to school. The school is always calling, giving my son detention and he still goes to school late.

What can I do?

Frustrated Parent

Dear Parent:

Thanks for your letter of concern. Your child’s school counselor can be of help. Please make an appointment and bring your son with you. Your son needs to hear that he’s breaking state truancy laws and he may have to meet with a county truancy worker and/or attend court to meet with a judge who may share with your son that he has no choice to attend school or the following actions will be taken against him:

1. He may have to wear a GPS bracelet telling the county where he is at,
2. He may have to do community service if he skips school r is late again,
3. He, or his parents may be subject to fines.

Now, this meeting may be somewhat threatening to your son, but it is not directed toward you. The harsh reality is, you meet with the school while you can work and team with other knowledgable adults, or your son will have to figure this out on his own after he is fired from his first job for not showing up or being habitually late.



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