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Parenting an Honor Student: How Not To Be A Dumb Parent

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Parenting an Honor Student: How Not To Be A Dumb Parent

How Not To Parent an Honor or Gifted Student

As a school janitor, I see it all.  I see parents  leaving their job to bring their child’s forgotten books, lunches, uniforms and assignments. I watched a parent yell at a school principal the other day because, “My child only hit the other child in the face once, and that should not constitute her having to go home!”  Yes, I have seen it all. Recently, while cleaning in the locker area during school conferences, I overheard one parent sharing this:

“Who does that teacher think my child is? Just because he’s in an 8th grade Honors English class does not mean that he is capable of remembering to bring assignments everyday.  And, I can’t believe that he is expected to do all that reading and writing in that class. How does the teacher expect him to do all that work, make it to hockey practice, spend time with his friends and just plan relax?”

Parents of an honor student, listen up!  If your child is truly “honored or gifted” your child should be able to do the following or he/she is not to be honored…

Jimmy’s List of Requirements to Be an 8th Grade Honor Student

  • Get out of bed on his or her own
  • Make his or her own breakfast
  • Show up to school and class on time
  • Ask the teacher for help on his or her own
  • Turn work in on time
  • Ask a friend for help  (For that matter…make a friend without a parents help.)
  • Accurately share with the parent(s) current grades
  • Use a planner or date book to keep track of assignments
  • Earn A’s or scores that are 95% or above on all assignments and test

Finally…Is your child motivated to do this on his or her own?  A true honor student does not have to be nagged on a daily basis to get his or her work done.  It should come as natural as me completing my daily cleaning assignments around the school building…and I am an ”Honors Janitor!”

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