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Put Your Baby To Sleep With Music

Baby sleep problems are not uncommon, but the challenge may drive a parent to worry and wonder if there is something wrong with the child.  The following are some recommended baby sleep methods to to help your child sleep through the night.

•Strive to make daytime feedings  social and takative  and night-time feeds quiet. This helps the child to begin to learn the difference between learn the difference between day and night.

•Establish a bedtime routine. Keep it short and simple:  bath, pyjamas, and music. Finish the bedtime ritual in your baby’s bedroom. It’s important that your child is in a similiar sorrounding when he or she falls asleep.
•Give your baby a chance to fall asleep on her own from about six to eight weeks. Put her down when she’s sleepy, but still awake. Some  baby experts advise against rocking or breastfeeding babies to sleep, even at this age, because they may come to depend on it (True et al 2002). It’s up to you to decide what’s best.

Provide Music for Your Baby

•Give your baby a security blanket, stuffed animal or object .  Provide an object that has your smell or the scent of the mother.  Babies have a strong sense of smell, and when they startle awake, the smell of their mothers will calm them.
•Let your child cry it out. This is suitable once your baby is four or five months old.

•Cuddle with your child. If you plan to have your baby sleeping in your bed, comfort and rock her so she is ready for sleep as part of her bedtime routine. Lie down together and cuddle her, pretending to sleep, firmly letting her know it’s bedtime.

Does Music Help Babies Sleep?

•Share the role of comforter with others, especially close family members.

•Become familar with your baby’s needs:  During the day, make your child feel secure by carrying her in your arms or a sling. If she wakes in the night, try to work out why. Is her nappy full, are her night-clothes comfortable, has she got a cold?

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