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Removing Negative People from Your Life

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As part of an elite group of motivational college speakers, I often discuss the power of changing our surroundings. There are two key factors that hold us back in life: Negative people and negative beliefs. This article will focus on removing negative people from our life in order to create a more positive environment to succeed.

Removing oneself from a negative environment sounds simple, but it is in fact really difficult. There are people in your life that are holding you back. There are some negative forces in your life. I can almost be sure of it. We all have those people who no matter what our idea is, they have a negative take.

My simple recommendation is to remove those people from your life.
If it is someone you can’t actually remove from your life, say a family member or someone that you really do care about and they have other redeeming qualities, then at the very least, do not include them in this journey of developing yourself.

Those people are going to be the first to pull you down and will allow you to fall off track toward any progress. A great example would be if you were trying to quit smoking, and you continued to hang around smokers who really thought it was silly that you were trying to quit.

Not only do they not want to support you, but it’s really in their best interest to get you to start smoking again. They’re not going to just be unsupportive but they’re actually going to actively go out of their way to keep you from quitting smoking.

They have incentives to keep you a smoker. Just think, if you quit, then they have one less excuse to justify their own negative behavior.

This is the case with anything in life. There is motive for negative people to keep you from changing. It’s time to move on from those people or at the very least, completely exclude them from this journey to improve yourself.

Once you have removed the negative influences from your life, making a change will be infinitely easier. In fact, if you are able to replace the negative people with supportive people, you will go from having a peanut gallery criticizing your every move to having a sideline of cheerleaders supporting your every move. Think of the difference between the two scenarios. Just imagine replacing negative people in your life with a sideline of motivational college speakers…Wow! Well, that might be a bit much, but at least supportive people will do.

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